Scientific Botanicals has been supplying LICROGEL to physicians, dentists, and pharmacies throughout North America for three decades. During this time, it has earned a reputation as a consistently beneficial product for the conditions listed below.

Scientific research has shown that Glycyrrhizic acid inhibits the growth of several unrelated DNA and RNA viruses including Herpes Simplex Types I and II, vaccinia, Polio, and SARS-Coronavirus. Glycyrrhizic acid irreversibly binds to and inactivates virus particles.
*HERPES TYPE I & II: The active ingredients in LICROGEL reduce both the frequency and severity of herpetic outbreaks. Lesions respond faster and the discomfort associated with outbreaks is reduced or eliminated. If used within the first 24 hours of prodromal symptoms it is sometimes possible to abort the appearance of lesions. By irreversibly binding virus particles, LICROGEL reduces the number of viable viruses returning to nerve roots to initiate future outbreaks. LICROGEL may be used for both oral and genital herpes.
*VESICULAR STOMATITIS & CANKER SORES: LICROGEL soothes these lesions while promoting recovery.
*HERPES ZOSTER: Glycyrrhizic acid and carbenoxolone are beneficial for Herpes Zoster lesions and prevention of post herpetic neuralgias.
DOSAGE: LICROGEL should be applied to lesions AT LEAST six times daily, beginning at the first appearance of prodromal symptoms. May be used in conjunction with HYDROXO-12.



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